GE Interest Plus Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the GE Interest Plus Login:

Logging in to GE Interest Plus:

1. In order to log in properly, you need to reach the right site. Luckily for you, we have a link directly to it right here: This is the actual GE interest plus site, so go here to login. It may help to save the page as a bookmark in case you think you will end up visiting this site a lot.
2. Now, once you are here, you need to move your mouse pointer to one part of the web page, near the top. What you are looking for here are the words "log in" that are right up at the top of the page, on the right. Click on these words which serve as a link.
3. Clicking on this link will open either a new page or an entirely new window depending on your browser. Don't worry if it does either. Just go ahead and type your username into the username section.
4. Now, you may be wondering when you need to enter in your password, since you can't see it on this site. Well, don't bother with that yet, just press the purple submit button to continue.
5. On this page, you need to follow the instructions that are given to you, and then you should be fully logged in within a few minutes.


Resetting your GE Username:

1. Follow the instructions of the steps above up to step three. This will bring you to the right page. If you tried already and forgot your username, you will probably be here still. Clickon the blue link that says "Forgot your username?"
2. Type your email address into the open dialogue box that you used to sign up for GE investment plus.
3. Next, you need to select the type of investment you have with GE.
4. Click the purple next button, and you will find yourself on another web page. Again, you will need to follow the instructions shown here involving waiting for an email that contains your username.

Contacting GE Investment Plus Help:

1. Call (800)-433-4480 during business days from 8AM-7PM Eastern Standard time.
2. Write to GE at:
GE Capital Invest Direct
P.O. Box 534021
Pittsburgh, PA 15253-4021